Monday, November 17, 2008

Fallen trees

There are lots of fallen trees in the forest here, but i had never seen it quite like this.

Today i went for a walk again. Although the skiing is very good. Yesterday i skied the Beach Trail, which is a trail with several challenges, i found it to be rather easy. Now i wonder if not only the conditions are good, but probably my skills have improved!

Back to today; I had a great desire to check the shortcut to the meadow in Saturday's photo (Nov 15, Mendenhall river).It is a foggy day and going in the direction of the river means descending in the fog even more. It is beautiful though, quiet yet again. I follow the Fire Smart. Where the grasses grow, and it's here i pick some of the mystery grass. (see next (last) post).
I will turn my route into a ski trail and at the bottom of the hill coming into the trees i choose a route straight ahead. The actual trail goes either left or right, which is, even with my improved skills, hard for me. Turning while flying down hill through trees.
I cross the highway, where there is a little dam in the ditch. I also use this spot in the summer while biking. Either way the less extreme the dips and raises, the better.
Crossing the Highway, advancing straight South, through 'uncharted' forest.
I left a little ribbon, where i descended. I walk with my compass in hand to keep a rather straight line. The going is good. Somewhere along the way i took the picture of the fallen trees. It is only a third of a kilometer, through the forest. The trail will be, i estimate, half a kilometer. And then there is the meadow!
Tomorrow i might ski it.

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