Friday, November 21, 2008


Tuesday Nov 18, 2008
Coming home from my outing this very cold day, I was greeted by a Grosbeak sitting on my doorstep. I have a porch around the front door, a very pleasant place with big windows on the east side and open on the south side. Right by the door sits a Grosbeak, very calmly, not moving, even when i come close. I am afraid it is a casualty, that didn't quite know his way out, only the chickadees are that smart.

Erroneously i think i should help it a little bit, My Goodness, as soon as i pick it up (tenderly) it screams madly, i let it go in a fright, it starts rolling around like a top, screaming. I try to somehow help it calm down. Only when i put it right by the door again, it relaxes. i sneak inside, only closing the outside door, leaving the inside door open, so even more warm air can get to it. Because i think,
that was the bird's idea.
An hour or so later, i forgot about it, opened the door, and off it flew, obviously recovered. Amazing!

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