Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thorton W. Burgess

My favorite children's writer, he has a series of 'the adventures of...' books.
in those books a central figure is Farmer Brown.
Well today i met farmer Brown.
It is only -5 C. a good day for skidoing. Don and i set off, following a coyote trail on the Power line access. I am wondering where the coyote goes, it seems to go many kilometers , without interruption. As we are not really following its trail, i can't tell you what it is up to. And Thorton doesn't write about coyotes.
Don and i are actually heading to the farmers field, to see if there is Bison tracks.
It is a long way through the forest. Many years ago we came upon the field by accident. It is a gorgeous field. Somewhere on the map beside 'nipple mnt.'
The view is totally panoramic. The mountains to the South, looking straight into the Sifton Range, and the Saint Elias Range.
We cruise through the fields, crossing a pond, we do see some 'old'(days ago) sign.
We do see fresh Ptarmigan or Grouse sign;

As i am writing:4.30 pm. Don is off with the skidoo again in a glorious evening sky, blue with broad bands of pink.

The birds seemingly slept here last night. There is little holes in the snow, at the bottom 'grouse' droppings. Lots of tracks. And some other tracks and black scat an inch long. Is this where the Coyote went?

As we cross the lake again i see a truck at the lone cabin. And movement, I catch up to Don and we decide to introduce ourselves. Indeed it is farmer Brown.
While Don and he do most the talking I enjoy the incredible view, i've been on top of a dozen of Mountains i can see, but there are many more that are calling me.( what arrogance, who am i.)

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