Monday, November 24, 2008

River Otter

This is last weeks picture of the Mendenhall river. Today, some 3km from here, Don and i saw some very interesting tracks. On the ice of the river is one inch of loose snow. It is very good for sliding! And that's what this animal seemed to have done. 2pairs of tracks and a 2 meter sliding mark 4 prints again and again 2 meters of sliding. All this for a longer distance then we checked out.
Don (who does know everything) figured it is a River Otter. And at home i found Andy Fyon's website and that kind of confirmed it.

This morning we left early and had a wonderful time skidoing. I didn't wear enough though. One day i will give you a list of many many layers of clothing i wear when on the skidoo. Any way i came back frozen ,spend 2 hours recovering. Then my son phones....

Oh my... You're are the first one i tell. Typing is easier. My throat ceases up thinking i would have to say the words.
He is in his last year of high school now, and just applied to SAIT in Calgary.
That is very very far away from here!

And guess what Steven D. Farmer says about Otters:
-Surrender- 'let go of control'
That's the teaching of an Otter when it crosses your path.
Too much!

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Robert V. Sobczak said...

The only thing better than solving a mystery is getting caught up in a mystery to begin with. Looks cold for sure!