Friday, November 21, 2008

The short cut

Is coming along pretty good!
I am on my way to Jo-Jo Lake.
I left here before noon and was going to time myself to see how long things take, but so often what i plan, doesn't work out the way i thought it would.
Anyway it is -20 C and i put on the skies. Following the route i walked a few days ago (see post Fallen trees).
The trail i made through the forest, still needs some work, but is ski able (walking pace). This is as far i got last week and now i continue where Jane and i went that Saturday (see post Mendenhall river, Nov.15,2008). There is a strong smell of mud in the meadow, but no sign of wetness. I hop onto the river again, and where there maybe was a Dipper, i do see a bird fly away. No open water here though. Around the bend is one tiny opening in the river, i wonder if birds or animals keep it open. There are tracks around it.
I go past where Jane and i turned around. In my pocket i carry a little drawing of all the bends in the river, taken from Google Earth. And amazingly on the spot i expected, there is a little channel going onto a meadow on the South side of the river.
In this meadow there is fairly fresh sign of Bison.
At the end of the meadow i turn around, there is no obvious sign of where the next meadow is. I leave that adventure for another day.

On the way home, when i cross the highway i see a car parked close by. They drive towards me and lo and behold it is Sylvie, who i met years ago with Easter on the Summit (yes, the big Easter snow gathering). She and her partner(yes?) Michel where watching a Hawk Owl.

By the way, I heard lots of woodpeckers again by the river, it seems that every peninsula (folds in the bends of the river) is home to one of them.

Anyway when we stand there talking on the side of the road, we start shivering and i ask them to drive me home for a cup of tea. We've got a deal. Wonderful!


Cicero Sings said...

I haven't been by for a while and now discover that you have been some busy. Several blogs and many long entries for me to catch up on! ... but maybe not tonight.

It looks like you had a lovely trip to Holland ... nice pictures, good times, good visits.

The eyebright, by the way, was maybe 8 cm high at the MOST.

We have no snow yet ... no skiing. I am a relative beginner at cross country skiing myself. D can go for hours ... I max out at two! I have a toe that bothers me though.

Cicero Sings said...

Re the eye bright ... 8 cm high the whole plant ... the flower was very tiny.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Nothing is more mind or leg stretching than a good hike out in nature. It's cliche, but true.