Monday, November 4, 2013


The skating season on natural ice has started.
I do think it is 3 weeks late,
better late then never
which does happen some winters ( in my case)


strider said...

That looks risky ?
chance of falling in


Anonymous said...

I skate on ponds with grace
And love the call of a mourning dove


christopher said...

You are right. 3 weeks late by itself means "normal variations". That's what is hard about this global warming thing. You can read so much of what happens a few different ways. Even if the scientists are right they may not be right about us being so much at fault in it. It is still credible though rather doubtful that we are innocent of the actual changes we are noticing. We are not innocent of the pollution nonetheless. That in itself is not good even if the pollution is not the primary cause of the warming of many of the regional climates on the planet. It is not helpful that so much money and so many lifestyles are at risk in any practical fix of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I have the same colour laces, maybe we are twins.