Saturday, November 16, 2013

boulders on the beach

have we all felt at certain times:
no matter how hard i try
i am not getting anywhere

well this is certain times
and writing always helps me

winter did arrive here, those black boulders are covered in snow
the white feather too
how can something that looked so beautiful when i found it
now suddenly seem full of teardrops and it is making me cry

don't let me worry you, underneath all that snow, the grass is still golden, the rosehips red.
 when i stepped out on the porch tonight in the dark i spooked a deer
and all is quite well
how can a few light words being whispered, rattle me that deep
am i that fragile?
 where is the strong woman that is me?


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Oh the strong woman is still there, but perhaps she is just going into a bit of hibernation here at the start of winter.


Brian said...

The strong woman is in all that's around you ;)

strider said...

Hey Lovely you are strong, if i can help with the words, send them through

Anonymous said...

When the strongest women falls asleep in an special embrace, her strength is replaced by something more ethereal.