Saturday, October 19, 2013

life in the castle

the new queen:
what are these crazy waves?
the wind howling wildly
circling the tower
lifting up dead leaves from far away forests
slapping them against my window
i want you now
my body can not wait
i scream at reasonable people
i know the wind has never roared a word like that

and that morning:
running up and down spiral staicases
not quite knowing which tower you will be in
i look for animals too
the wild ones, that move through here

the old king:
castle spirit
wild animals up and down staircases
sorely impatient; not reasonable....
I see you in my lap.....and we are entwined
the wind is howling
but we are louder


Anonymous said...

Your best writing ever!

It makes me think about weathering a storm with you

And I have experienced wind fiercely howling outside.

Brian said...


Anonymous said...

I lived for a short time in a castle

But it was very cold and lonely

The wind and my discontent were glacially cold

No warm lap or someone to be entwined with

I was impoverished

Well there was one person but she was a witch

Had to leave to find a warmer lap and heart


christopher said...

Wow. This is really quite good, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I just found this site

Are you married?

Think I am in ....


jozien said...

haha Paul, yes i am married, and i might even have a boyfriend named Paul, i do not always remember their names.