Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There is an old house on the hill

The following story is written by a friend of mine, Bluelight.
 I wanted to post this story here because i felt it fits well with the castle spirit in some of my recent writing.
Hope you like it.

There is an old house on the hill. No one lives in it. It has many secrets to it. 
& you will find them all out in this story.

As you walk up to it you see bars on all the doors & windows. You make your way to the front door, put the key in & turn it to open the door. The next door you come to is not locked so you just push it open. You see no carpet on the floor, just bare boards. You walk across the floor & the boards creak. This room you are in now is big, very big. You get to another door & you open it & you look inside. There is a giant kitchen. In the kitchen there is everything one could ever want & there is lots of room too. So you walk trough the kitchen & through an open doorway to another large room then through another door until you come to the back door. It is locked & there is no key.As you turn around to go looking around, you see a trapdoor. What's in there? You grab the big old ring & and pull it up. It's heavy, but you get it up & look inside. & the a light just comes on. So you walk down the old wooden stairs all the way to the bottom. It is cold. As you walk in more lights come on. You see what looks like wine racks. You walk over to it & another light comes on. Yes wine, old dusty dirty bottles. You pick one up & wipe the dust off. It's year 1735. Old bottle. You put it back on the shelf & walk out. & keep walking down a hall way. The hallway seems to go on for miles. after about 20 minutes of walking you get to the end. There's a big steel door. You pull the door open, it's heavy. You look inside and now you see bdsm equipment. It is very old, maybe as old as the bottle of wine. There is no padding on anything, just wood & steel. & lots of old shackles & things. Really old whips, leather ones & everything is dirty and dusty. You leave, close the door & make your way back down the hallway & and up the stairs, close the trap door & walk to the front door, close it behind you and lock it. Hop back in your car & drive off.....
  -to be continued-


Anonymous said...

I prefer life in the castle.

I see you in my lap.....and we are entwined
the wind is howling
but we are louder"

It's windy tonight


strider said...

Old House..continuity errors
dust and dirt decay, but functioning electricity and motion sensor activation as you proceed down the tunnel ???