Sunday, November 17, 2013

a little bird came to me

you're a regular wreck with a crick in your neck
and no wonder you snore for your head's on the floor
and you've needles and pins from your sole to your shins
and your flesh is a-creep for your left leg's asleep
and you've cramp in your toes and a fly on your nose
you've got fluff in your lung and a feverish tongue
and a thirst that's intense and a general sense that you haven't been
sleeping in clover....

I did overcome again, i still do feel like a wreck, but reading this song this morning totally lifted my spirits again.
I read it in a book; 'the ocean at the end of the lane' by Neil Gaiman.
I have the great fortune of having an employer who buys books every week, and! she lets me read them. They are all very new books, like written in  2012 and she and i seem to have very similar taste. Angela ( a friend here) also send me an amazing book in the same line of what i like: 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed. I will probably let my employer read it, to give her back something for her wonderful generosity.
Life is good ;)


strider said...

Smile Jo,
that's a happy post
i was worried by the previous one.
if you get the chance read "Good Omens" by neil Gaiman and terry pratchett...laugh out loud funny

Anonymous said...

I got part through 'Wild' by Cheryl Strayed but somehow lost my way and have not found my way back to finishing it.

That little bird that came to you- about a week ago I first heard then saw one. It almost landed where I was but circled and flew a little further upsteam. Its only the second time I've seen one near this location. With anchor ice, cold weather and the creek freezing over in most areas, its amazing this bird winters here.

A little bird came to you and one spoke very profoundly to me.


strider said...

Looks lke a "Dipper " to me