Friday, November 8, 2013

the elusive horse

Hiata, Oct 2013

did you come on this walk with me?
in the moist fall air
the field bathing in sunlight.
before; our heads bend over the map
our fingers pointing.
after; there! there he is 
the horse
on the north side of the far field.

did you come on this walk with me?
 across the far field 
futile searching for a lost horse 
in a maze of poplars.
now; we might as well go to the river
 clay cliffs should lead us there
the earlier banks of the river
 they follow a path 
which the river took
in the past

did you come on this walk with me?
the map showed this path 
going north south.
the reality; a path that goes east west.
 did the earth shift?
are we lost?

we get wet from melted drops 
that cling to spruce branches
deeper into the forest, descending.
 we are going down.
down is good, right?
rivers find the lowest spot in the land,
till they reach the sea, right?
narrow animal trails through thick willows

there! there is the river
blue clear mirror like water
a river so wide it is barely flowing

look! two swans look at us
they too spotted us late.
 seemingly hesitant now leaving 
together going south
as one 
our wings flapping on the water
incredibly loud
the noise
scattering the perfect stillness

i am so happy we see the black horse galloping again


Brian said...

Beautiful Jozien ;)

Anonymous said...

If wishes were horses....


christopher said...

I have always thought your poetry worth the work to write it. This one is no exception.