Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saline incrustations

between Takhini and Canyon
ice on the 911-pond

this pond is slightly salty.

what causes the colors?

As i was reading a geological survey book of 1957, because i am trying to research geological activity in the Sifton Range in them  early days. I did come upon something else i once researched without any luck.
As with the Sifton Range, not everything is on google in this day and age, and not everything is known by geologists alive today.... doh.

I am just going to copy here what i found, because when i need this information and will want to do something with it, ( mainly i want to know if the salt is fit for human consumption),
I just have to google it!

"It proved on examination to be composed for the most part of a mixture of hydrated sulphates of sodium and calcium, and a small quantity of magnesium sulphate, with some insoluble argillaceous and organic matters. It is slightly ferruginous, and contains also a very small quantity of Phosphates and chlorides."
and the article goes on, it was tested for potash, but only had slight amounts of it, 0.2 or 0.3 percent K2O


Anonymous said...

Try some in your garden, its sounds like good fertilizer.

strider said...

Dont try it in your garden
salting the land kills everything


jozien said...

yes Rob :) and me leaving close to all these saltflats, i suppose my soil is salty enough.

I checked all the components it named and nothing seems poisonous when taken in the way kitchen salt is, so next summer i will try to use it in my cooking...