Saturday, September 1, 2012

swans migrating

what are the swans doing? Before we good even see them we could hear the swans trumpeting and making a lot of racket in the water.By the sound it seemed there were a lot of them,.As i approached them, there appeared to be only four of them.
I think one was already laying with it's wings flat on the water.
 then one (unaware of me in the trees) came flying towards me flying towards the takhini river ( they are on the mendenhall river.)
 two took of in the other direction, and came back soon after.
 the first one, circled around and came back too
 suddenly two seemed to be fighting
 I think two took off again, and two remained
One still laying with it's wings flat on the water.
And i think swan no. 4 remained calm throughout the whole time.

What was going on!?


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

I don't know, but it sure looked entertaining to watch!

Anonymous said...

It may have been a territorial dispute which seems odd given the time of year.

Or maybe petty swan jealousy.

jozien said...

yes! thanks
and what would you call the swan laying flat on the water, i am trying to google it. And a territorial dispute, that could very well be it, as swan seem to want big spaces and the mendenhall river just a small river, with as it seems only a small feeding area.
and for jealousy i don't know, i am not very familiar with that emotion. but then i am polyamorous where as swans are apparently monogamous.

Anonymous said...

I have seen swans battle and chase each other for long distances when young family groups were feeding in the ocean. Thought they were defending territory.

Laying flat on the water could possible be a non agressive posture- am not an expert on these matters or matters of the heart for that matter.

Jealousy has many forms- polyamory has always interested me, although I suspect it may be difficult to maintain polyamorous relationships for many reasons. Are many polyamnorous relationships ephemeral which then makes them a form of serial polyamory?

Wish I knew more of swans because I could then say something profound and similar to- the wind that blows is all that anyone knows. Swans hidden in an early winter snow is all I seem to know.

jozien said...

ephemeral - short lived.
thanks anonymous.
you give words to what i wondered. I read somewhere that one can only be passionately in love with one person(thing) at the time, which in my own experience actually seems to be true... i would love to talk in length about the subject.
'swans hidden in early winter snow'- you are so beautiful :)