Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Soapberry soap

There is always something to pick, this time of year. I probably have said it before; i could spend all day gathering ( but i am not).
And really picking soapberries is not high on my list, so when dishes have piled up i run out of the house and gather a handful.
Because they do get my dishes clean!
and shiny really.
I was quite surprised.
This is what i do:
i use a small handful of berries, crush them in some hot water, add some more hot water , whip them up with a whisk, add more hot water, sieve the water, add more hot water.
And you have this reddish dishwater, it doesn't look very clean, but it cleans the dishes!
and i have to say when you use an old plastic brush or dishwashing tub it will stain old plastic red like tomatoes do.

It works for me and probably as long as soapberries remain on the bushes, i don't think i get into storing them for future use.

Anything to reduce trash. This morning on the radio  i heard something that irritates me. A study has been done and what they found out is that organic food is not more nutritious. Dahhh! That is not what it is about for me. It is that we can actually grow food without poisoning the planet. And i like to take it a step further, not to grow things, but harvest what already grows in abundance.
and reduce waste for that matter, i am on a mission again, that whatever i do buy is not wrapped up or packaged etc, not at all. It's possible, google it, people do it.
More on this as my cousin in France is trying to make a picture of  a baguette walking around naked in town.


christopher said...

*smooch* and hugs to you.

Loving you.

Sue said...

Hi Jozien! Long time no see.
Soap berries.... huh... I wonder if they grow by me?

aria said...

nice story again... but what about the baguette... did I miss something?

aria said...

nice story again... but what about the baguette... did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

"A picture of a baguette walking around naked in town."

Think your cousin suffers from an atistic temperament condition or sexual frustration.

jozien said...

Aria it is your sister that is going to make the picture! I wonder if an artistic temperament runs in the family. and no i am not sexually frustrated, i just like nudity

Anonymous said...

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