Saturday, September 29, 2012


I get these dreams once in a while.
 dreams where i find myself flying.
It used to be, because i found my self flying, the dream became lucid, where i knew i was dreaming.
Last night i didn't really became lucid, i just became aware i was flying,
like; oh i am flying.
I was in the dream actually following someone, i was in the army, i was following my father who was in the same regiment as i was, there was no enemy.
I felt i couldn't keep up to him. so i decided to fly, to be faster
that's were i became aware.
But as i tried to fly ahead, i was pulled back.
In my previous flying dreams i am often confronted with powerlines, and am scared to fly into them.
Last night as i was thinking: my fellow army can see me flying, they probably wonder how i can suddenly fly.
it's then i got too close to the electrical wires.
And never before in my dreams
this time i did fly into them
they felt soft
nothing else,
but now i got scared to land, i was afraid that i would feel the electrical shock when i would land.
I never did feel a shock upon landing, but that's when i lost awareness of my dream

Now a strange thing happened to me yesterday in real life. A friend i had some issues with, which i thought we had worked through, informed me that he doesn't want to spend time with me anymore....

And as i go on with my program ( lots of homework ) and chip away at a bison hide ( we got a bison and i am working the hide), the birds are helping me while i type here,
i do wonder.....

where it all ties in

the dream was neither negative nor positive
so was the incident with my friend


christopher said...

Wow...I just had one of those friend things too. A brief interchange of views led suddenly to a separation that is probably permanent, even though there was no warning that this was the way things could turn out. On parting we both were agreeing that life is too short for this kind of feeling to be in it.

It's all boring except for the one surprising thing, how fast it all came up from nowhere and subsided in our separation. I feel okay about it after living through the embarrassment that I should be so small as to have this experience.

I often hope I have a larger heart than that. *sniff*

jozien said...

tell me who you are, or please do not comment here. It's kind of freaking me out now. In the beginning i thought i knew who you were, so i asked that person, but he said ; no it ain't me.
After that i always just enjoyed your comments for what they were.
But here again you speak just like that person. And that person is the person who didn't want to be a friend anymore. So it kind of makes me feel uneasy. When you are not him, please mail me or phone me and let me know you are sincere. 667 2545

hdt said...

I have experienced flying dreams. It was like I was willing myself to fly and somehow it worked. And they seem so real that I look back and they actually seem to have taken place. Some confusion between the conscious and unconscious? Its difficult to understand.

My comments are not intended to make you feel uncomfortable. And they are my thoughts and not intended to be like those of another person.

As you have suggested, I will not comment until you know who I am.