Tuesday, September 18, 2012

buying bread

 in Auvergne 

There: spotted in Auvergne, France, i think the village is called Echandelys. correct me if i am wrong.

This is how you can buy bread, i just wanted to show, bread doesn't have to be in a bag when you buy it.

Merci! Cees en Gerda.


Anonymous said...

Lets break bread
And drink a glass of rich red wine

aria said...

la vie on rose

christopher said...

you have to trust your baker and the people breaking bread with you have to trust your transport of the bread and kitchen. Part of current shop and bakery practice is driven by the attempt to keep clean. That is quite necessary in large metro areas.

jozien said...

la vie on rose :)
and Christopher i will write a little on that in this mornings post.