Sunday, September 9, 2012

red-osier dogwood

a jewel i found in the forest, i left it there. as it rains i want to be moss, the green thick moss. can i be moss and be me at the same time. can i soak up the rain and smell like earth. the white pearls in amethysts beyond my reach. if i am real i am everything. this dream i live in, this dream that thinks i am  only me. i scream and make the dark rough trees, that stand above me, shudder. only at the little creek the red-osier dogwood grows.


The Iselin Times said...

I've missed reading your blog ---
from Sue

(this is my other blog, but it's not very exciting)

Sue said...

I need to come back to the forest. I'm going to do that on this blog. I look forward to catching up with you.

-- also from Sue

christopher said...

This is beautiful, Jozien. Loving you.

Dienosaurus said...

Love the picture!

hdt said...

When it rains heavily I cover myself and am at a oneness with nature.

Sometimes at home- with windows open and blankets pulled up around my neck- it feels so warm and comforting!. Other times- outside close to the trees, the moss and the wildflowers.

On rare occassions during rainstorms ducks will fly just over the trees when using the creek to navigate.

I love it most when rain is so heavy and loud that the air seems dense. It makes me feel alive but somehow I just want to lay down in a deep long sleep.

jozien said...

ohhh hdt you seem to know this thing of Oneness more intimately then i do,wonderful, for me it is still so....evanescent?
(not so much ephemeral, but always there but just beyond my experience)fleeting?