Monday, September 17, 2012

in a phlox

June 26 2012

I feel very tired, more then ever wanting to curl up
Last night i dozed off  watching the Russian Ark, All is always so darn synchronized in my life.

This program  changeway, suggests, more social events
Well i say madly, my weekend had more socializing then normal.
Being with people does energize me
Yet i am so tired now
Or is it that i have been ignoring being lethargic and kept doing things.
Ha! i did a lot of little things
but not things like my writing or painting for an income

The program says; small goals, look at your succes......

I am in a phlox
what can be more beautiful
i just don't feel it

i'll do the dishes...
yes in soap berries

And i do want to tell you about my seed harvest, which i do find quite successful
I harvestest dock seeds, lamb's quarter seeds and plantain seeds,
and i do not winnow them
I eat them shell and all
and it's wonderful
i use them in baking, cook them with potatoes in soups, eat them with cereal, etc

1 comment:

christopher said...

It impresses me that you eat the seeds. My last girlfriend would approve of you. She grows greens, flowers, fruits and other things in her yard and gathers salads in the evenings when she can.

Loving you, friend Jozien.