Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wasps nest

Sept. 7 2008
In 'Peterson Field Guides, Insects' I read that these wasps are probably Yellowyackets.
When I zoom in on the original photo, they have yellow and black bands on their abdomen.
I will not go back for a closer look.
When I found this nest quite by accident, I was looking for rocks, I couldn't resist some photos.
It is a pretty big nest. This year we don't have many wasps, at least not yet.
When I came upon it, all was calm. When I walk around the nest, they obviously notice me, and some come after me, excitedly. I run away. When I look back, everybody is out and about,
zooming around the nest.
The nest is made by the wasps. It is a paper nest, it is quite amazing. They make the paper.
Twelve years ago I was stung by a wasp, which is in it self very painful, back then I had an allergic reaction(redness and swelling). over the years, after that I have been stung a half
dozen times, but never again had an adverse reaction.

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