Friday, September 12, 2008


Hidden Lakes and Grey Mountain.

Riverdale is a neighbourhood in Whitehorse. It is approximately a half hour walk from down town. Riverdale, being a beautiful neighbourhood itself, is surrounded by beautiful hiking and biking trails. In local stores you can buy a map. I bought mine at Icycle Sport.

Today, my long time employer and friend Fabiola Rayo, took me up one of her favorite trails.
Right from her house, we walked for only one hour round trip, and I finally got to see a part of Hidden Lakes. I did not now; it is gorgeous.

I think we first went up Peewee Hill, then Heartbreak Hill. ( These wonderful names, thanks to the mountain bikers, I think.) Saw a Hidden Lake, around another bent saw Schwatka Lake. We did get views of Whitehorse, but as I am always interested in Wild places, I didn't pause to have a good look, but I am sure Whitehorse did look good!
We came out on the Chadburn road and took other trails to get back to her house.

And I have to add, I was invited in to share a delicious Chilean meal.
I accepted the invitation gladly. Mercedes thank you so much.

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Cicero Sings said...

What a beautiful picture of a very beautiful view ... I'd much rather feast my eyes on a wild view like this than on a city view any day!