Monday, September 8, 2008

Rock-Flipping Day

Sept 7 2008
What did I find?
To respect even the little creatures, I tried to put the rock back in place as good as Icould.

Sept 7 2008
First I started flipping the 'wild' rocks around our house, which are few, nothing exciting , but nevertheless interesting. And maybe what I say is all quite obvious to you. I always come upon people that are really far more aware then I am.
The rocks here are darker on the underside then on the top; moisture.
Little grains of sand and tiny pieces of debris stick to it by means of little threads. I did not hold it under a microscope, so when I say threads, don't take it to literal. The hole, the rock would leave behind, was smooth, but filled up with loose sand, falling in from the sides. But if I was able to look in; everything in there was compressed to that smooth surface, tiny little sticks, etc. Sometimes live roots would run along that surface. And when there was ants, you could see holes in that, not so smooth anymore, surface. What was also neat; that most rocks here have more under the surface as is showing on top. Actually most of the rocks here I could not flip, as they were firmly implanted.

Later that day I went for a walk, to the 'old moose trail'. It runs through an old creek bed and there I found, the rocks too big and impossible to move, but one had a 'lid' on it. What I found is what you see. I think it is indeed a centipede.

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