Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Southern Lakes

To keep things in order, I will post here, sometime in the next few days, my wilderness experiences of Sept 1.

Here I am! (Sept 7)
On the morning of September first I woke up in the camper. In sunshine above a mist covered lake. This small lake is along the highway just South of Squanga Lake. I always thought it was part of Squanga. Looking at the map, some water of Squanga probably goes underground to flow into the smaller lake. But really Squanga flows by the way of Snafu Lake into the Lubbock River which flows into (big) Atlin Lake. Where as, the small lake flows via an unnamed creek straight into Little Atlin Lake. Now the Question is where is the divide? Does all that water ends up by the way of the Yukon River in the Bering Sea?

Any way evening before we drove up an old mining road to camp in the middle of those two flows.We found a beautiful camping spot in an old gravel pit. We woke up with sunshine, but as I went for a walk continuing the mining road, it started to drizzle. The road was overgrown with Alders. I said I would be back in an hour , and had to turn around before I come out of the Alders.

Next pit stop was Tagish road to pick more Saskatoon berries. Excellent!

Don is working on tuesday again at Marsh Lake, where he will park the camper. Close by, we explore the McClinton River, and I am sorry to say that I didn't find it very eventful. I am sure people who live their have different experiences. We drove the McClinton road, parked the van and I walked following ATV trails, the one I was on was very, very muddy.The forest too thick to walk through. I did find a little trail that gave me a little bit of a view overlooking the river it self.

To finalize our stay we went to the beach on Marsh Lake, which is truly lovely and I am sure that is why people live around here. Still I was the only one enjoying the beach. looking at the waves rolling in, and building sandcastles.

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