Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Glorious! I am sitting here inside typing, while outside the sun is shining, a light breeze, that feeling of Autumn in the air. The Sun feels HOT!

The weekend was beautiful too. Saturday Don and I took all morning to get ready for a hunting trip. Finally around 3 pm we left for the Southern Lakes. Driving the orange Van with our green teslin river canoe on top. First we go to Don's temporary residence, a small camper on the job site.
He drives the camper and I the van. We park at a pull out on Little Atlin Lake. First we are off to a berry patch right on the lake. I probably will post a photo on my 'yukon wild berries' blog, the berries are the best we have ever seen them, Saskatoons. We fill our 4 litre ice cream buckets in no time at all. It is a beautiful spot, we have picked here many years. Every time having a bit of difficulty finding the exact spot. It is a fairly steep slope right on the lake. From the road you walk through the forest and come out in the open; willows, small aspen and saskatoon berry bushes. Down the slope close to the water, it is very wet and there are always many interesting flowers that I don't get to see at home. It is all still very beautiful but most flowers are in seed. A beaver swims by and 4 loons are in the water close by.

We are here right underneath White Mountain and we see a goat on the high cliffs. Back in the camper, we make supper and go to bed. I do like sleeping in a camper, while I lay down I can look out over the lake. And when I wake up in the middle of the night, see the brilliant stars. Don and I do get up at one point. There is no moon and the Milky way looks like Northern Lights so bright.
When we do get up in the morning, we are shrouded in mist. And it is Gorgeous. Slowly and mystical the mist lifts a little, Geese and other water birds are calling.
When we drive away, we come out of the mist in beautiful sunshine!

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