Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sand Dunes

Sept. 8 2008
In a place in between the Kusawa road and the Takhini river, there is this most incredible place; The Sand Dunes. You'd never know it if you weren't told about it. Years ago I happened to have a flat tire on the Kusawa road.( I advise you to drive slow on rough roads) Someone helped me to get my tire off, we got talking. Indeed, thank you so much gentleman, he told me.
At the end of a weekend camping, Sue Herbrick, our kids and I, decided to check it out. We tried to find it but no luck. We all get in the car again and drive on. Till Sue sees an opening in the forest, and says"lets try here" . We walk through the forest in the direction given.
And again today; what an amazing sight. Suddenly there's sand, lots of it, a tiny desert. With kids, what great fun to find such a BIG sandbox. But many, many times we have had great times with adults too.
Like today with Jane Jacobs. It's a place where our imagination runs wild. I will one day write more about it in detail, when I visit it again.
Today was again a lovely sunny day, and hot, walking over the dunes. We picked liters of Cranberries, hauled drinking water from Stony Creek, picked a few last Raspberries. Ate a dinner straight out of the garden(and wild).
All by all a splendid day!

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