Sunday, July 13, 2008

Western Wood Peewee

This morning sitting on the outhouse I notice quite a bit of action way up in the Western Wood Peewee nest. One bird seem to chase the other from the nest. 3 Birds fly around chattering. One sticks around to do some aerials to catch bugs(lots of those this year). And after a while quietly sits on the nest again.
Its a beautiful day, after a great thunderstorm in the middle of the night it is sunny again. And today is very much like that; rain and shine. The whole summer up to now is like that. To me very unlikely Yukon weather. Because of all this, my flower garden is jungle of green and colors, I love it. My vegetable garden is just a jungle of green.

Yesterday I got lucky on my walk, it was actually hot. Just now we had supper outside, but I went in, as it is coming down in buckets. Anyway I didn't finish yesterdays story yet: After relaxing on a sunny knoll, I continue around the lake, the grassland changes into marsh. And I either have to walk through the wet hummocks or in the tangled forest. I am now on the side where the river runs. In between the marsh and the river over time(long time) a dike has formed. The animals (horses and wilder kinds)have made trails in here, but they are hard to follow. I crawl under and over trees. Till I come to another wet marsh where there is fresh sign of maybe two moose. A good reason to turn around. I do enjoy the place, a log is placed (just for me) to cross one channel. Lots of Red-winged Black birds around. 3 of them seem to be a family, as one ,the fledgling? , seems kind of awkward. So many mysteries. There are lot of tiny Bluets about, here in my book I read that the Bluets are not dragonflies they are damselflies. My question actually was, what about size? Does smaller means younger or... I will let you know. As in accordance with the mosquitoes, there are many dragonflies and as I just learn damselflies! Lovely. While having supper a big (say 10cm) dark one, keeps the bug population down around us.

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