Friday, July 18, 2008

Single Delight

Marsh Cinquefoil

Ahhh.. Thank you Luke! Luke used to live here in this neighbourhood. And according to another neighbour I came upon one of his paths today. I went to 'teapot pond', approaching it from the north. I went looking if the marsh cinquefoil is blooming and as you see it is. To see the beauty of the flower close up, I invite you to find it. Here you can see its habitat.
Live is not always a struggle. Last time going around the pond, it being very satisfying, a struggle it was. Today it's all very gentle. The weather is very soft and still, few bugs. First as I come out by the pond, a family of Buffleheads swims away. A female with 8 ducklings! ( by the way, our Peewee has babies too!!!)
There are lots of Marsh Cinquefoil. They're delightful, but not as showy as I had imagined them. There beauty more in them being special, different then any other flower I know. It already becomes apparent that I am on sort of a trail. I follow it , loose it, come upon it again. Apparently its maker, animal or human, had the same intent as I , going around the pond. I don't go all around as my bike is on the north side, and the full circle has to wait for another day. On the path are many other flowers that belong to the wetlands, all very pretty, the pyrolas and orchids. To my utmost delight, I come upon an abundance of Single Delights! They're truly true to their name.

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