Friday, July 18, 2008

Takhini Salt Flats

The salt flats with in the background the mountain where I was with Rina.
If you know its name, please let me know, thanks.

Mary suggests: Blood mountain or Frog mountain.
Can anybody confirm either one.
Thanks Mary

July 14, 15 ,16
As I said, so much wilderness close to and in town. Tuesday Rina, an old friend I had not seen for 12 years, and I, spend a delightful afternoon in the area around the Takhini Hotsprings, where we were neighbours for a brief period back then. We visited places were she used to roam around and were I used to roam around.

Wednesday after work, I walked the millennium trail in Whitehorse. That is the best thing ever happened to Whitehorse. Besides being a beautiful trail along the Yukon river and crossing the river close to the rapids, I think I found another Rosa Woodsii. Anybody out there, correct me if I am wrong.

Thursday I actually got a dream job; I went on a flower-hike with a group of children and their caregivers. Thanks so much for inviting me. I think we all learned lots. I was able to provide them with the names of most flowers they showed me. And they showed me more, as kids always do. They found lots of interesting growths on different plants . I found out these growths are called galls and are caused most often by insects.

On the way home I stopped at the Takhini Salt Flats and had a exhilarating hike in the wind. The Red Samphire seems to be at its most beautiful now, very bright reddish. I forgot to look if I can see if it is actually blooming now, the flowers minuscule and inconspicuous, but for me also worthy of respect.

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Cicero Sings said...

Aren't galls so very interesting?! And there are so many of them. My husband and I only started noticing them last year when I started this picture taking/blogging thing. We are just so amazed at all the marvels we find along the wayside. Photography really brings them up close and personal ... one can see their intricate beauty ... the marvels of creation.