Friday, July 18, 2008

Berry update

July 15
Again after spending 3 days in town (Whitehorse), there were wilderness experiences.
Tuesday on the way in, I picked strawberries at Stoney Creek. They are Big! As in compared to other years. If you don't know wild strawberries, these treasures are tiny. Ah... they smell deliciously, as I am now measuring them, average 1cm diameter. I was saying before I wonder if they even have fruit in the real wild, well this year they do, I found 3 yet tinier ones. No big harvest. I drove in 37 mile road and walked a ways. The landscape here is very open. Around 50 years ago this area was heavily burned (Takhini burn). All the soil was burned apparently and it is still visible in the landscape, that there was a big fire here.
I also check out the raspberries, and they're ripening. A few more days of sun and serious picking will start.The first wild Goose berries in my yard, are ripe too, like the strawberries they're bigger then ever. They are even more tedious to pick. One at the time ripens. Later on ripe ones fall off. And the bush is most prickly.

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