Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fritillary on Sweet Coltsfoot

Flowers encountered on the mountain, July 28 2008.

The identification of All I encounter, becomes increasingly difficult. Hilarious , might be the word. For Example an Arnica, an easily recognized yellow daisy, but Arnica is just the genus, it has many different species.
And like the Butterfly here which is a Fritillary. It might be the Frija Fritillary, which name really is Boloria frija, which to make it interesting has two varieties.
The Coltsfoot that's easier, this one definitely being the fragrant one, one of a kind;
-Petasites frigidus.
I hope its like my human friends, once you know them, you recognize them anywhere, even in disguise.
And my lists are very incomplete, what grows on one mountain, I don't always encounter on the next. For today I suffice again to only name what I had not named on previous list. I also don't always remember which one I have mention before. As in the case of
- Anemone parviflora, the Wind-flower.
Which could bloom in early spring, but yesterday I found beside a creek, which still had snow patches bridging over it.
- Artemisia norvgica ssp saxatilis, Mountain Sagewort.
Which grows on every mountain around here, dark green with a raceme of nodding yellowish heads,finally I know its full name.
- Dodocathean frigidum, Shooting star.
A specially beautiful flower, which I am happy to have finally met.
- Dryopteris fragrans, Fragrant Fern.
Oh heavenly it's smell, who would have known, to stick ones nose in a fern.
-Parnassia kotzebui, Small grass of Parnassus.
- Saxifraga flagellaris ssp setigera, Spider plant.
True to it's name, with bright yellow flowers, beautiful.
-Senecio tundricola, a Groundsel.
Another one, I have seen it's bright yellow/orange daisy like flowers on every mountain hike this summer, I am happy to know the name.
And two more delightful things to mention,
- the Oxytropis nigrescens,
which was abundantly blooming last time I went on this mountain (June 21) This tiny little grayish plant, with in comparison, big, shiny brown pea-pod. (Only a few had come to seed.)
- Epilobium , Fireweed,
Big and glorieus, magenta blossoms along my driveway,
there's tiny ones high up there!

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