Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rosa woodsii

Taking a different route to the 911 pond paid off in many ways. As I left the meadow and climbed slightly up to higher ground, but still an open grassy landscape, I saw Rose bushes. Nothing unusual, was it not that they looked different. Some how miniature and paler pink flowers and the petals half closed. In a close up inspection, I realize they are not our prickly Rose, as they don't have many prickles. At home I bring out the books and am overjoyed to find that it is the wood rose. As usual, what do I know. I thought we only had one one wild rose in the Yukon.
I followed the bush road through the thick Spruce forest and came out by the highway, there on the bluff I saw roses which appear to have a slightly orangy pink color. Now I wonder....
Too much! and in that short stretch I also want to mention the smells. With all the rain we have been having,it seems that when the sun shines and it turns hot, there are so many smells. The roses are definitely wonderful. But in that thick forest I love the smell of that..., the moss I suppose. Also on the trail where it was more open I found again a patch of purple Astragalus agrestis, I recognize it by it's scent.

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