Friday, July 11, 2008

After so many days having been distracted, again this afternoon (I did have a delightful time) I wasn't going to be out in the wild totally). But this morning I got away for 4 hours.
Most of the time I do start my walks, right here, from my home. And it even amazes me, how many possibilities there are. I took the trail the leads to my beach boulder, came out by the road and used the neighbours' cut line. Came out by the fire smart north of the subdivision.
It is early in the morning and a very quiet. It feels soft somehow. I come out by the old gravel pit , take the path through the bog and from there I go straight up hill. Thinking I will have breakfast on a nice view point. Although the climb is beautiful and sometimes I do see glimpses of 'moose skull lake', it is forested the whole way till I reach the top. There I sit down on the bedrock. Only to have the orange I took for breakfast rolling down the slope, never to be seen again. The hill I am now on is part of the twin mountains I called 'jozina maria mnt.' And as there, this slope too has beautiful big slabs of granite bedrock in a perfect 45 degree angle. (definitely perfect for an orange to careen down).
Its a view I have described many times, but I am happy to tell you that I see two white dots(binoculars) in the 911 pond. The Swans?
After breakfast I continue the ridge towards 'jozina maria'. I am surprised to see I was right beside the Ravine.( I'll explore it another day with you. ) I cross this delightful landmark on the top end, where it starts. I will come into an area , where I 've been many times. I realize having given this mountain my name is very appropriate. This slope has bedrock ribs, that run perpendicular with the direction I am traveling. Which makes it an exciting hike. I find myself sometimes walking up the rib, some times down, but always having to climb over them. (I am a skinny woman).It is open forest, flowers blooming in the gullies, lots of heart-leaved arnica(Arnica cordifolia). And little gardens on the rocks. Suddenly I come out on a more even , grassy slope, which all the little animals prefer. First I scare a bird of its nest, and then I meet at least a half dozen chipmunks. This slope leads to one of the peaks and on the slabs of rock I am drawn up. I resist going all the way up as I know the top is forested and the gully to the twin, quite steep and many big trees that stand in the way to safely climb. I descent a little and cross where it is easiest to come out on 'maria'. From there you all know my route or can read it in previous posts. Never boring for me though, there's always something new to marvel about. Today about the Red-osier Dogwood bushes from yesterday, as I step of the path by the creek, I see there are many of them and totally in bloom, beautiful white cymes .
Which reminds me, my camera acted up today, but I do end up with a picture of a bird, ha! I took it on 'maria'. The bird might be a Grey Jay and the mountain in the background......I don't really know.

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aria said...

Hi dear Jozien,
What a beautiful, peaceful picture of the bird. And what a beatiful words again.