Saturday, October 22, 2016

start where you are, do what you can

This the title of Angela Wheelock's post, at Deep Green. Accolading her post on the caring for a river.
I  am fortunate enough to live among rivers that are still basically unaffected by humans, my rivers don't seem to need clean-up or protection. And when  protecting is at hand here, I always fear that it will create more damage then when the area was left un-named, by the increase in people visiting the place. Yet, I am all for people enjoying these wild places i live among. My view here on keeper of wild places, when i share them with you they will continue to exist.

When I think about; do what you can, for me it is more about realizing the effects of everything i do on the environment. As what i wrote about in the previous post this month, when I use a little less electricity, that will make a big difference over  let's say ten years, less diesel has to be burned at the electricity plant in Whitehorse, where my electricity comes from. It is a hydro plant, but they use diesel when they need to.

To me every increase in power demand, means some of our wilderness has to step back.

Sometimes I too get caught in thinking that it would be hard to take a step back, but here i want to explore what and how much and what we gain by stepping back. Because somehow I keep feeling that, there is a fine line, it is a balance, and I as most people are way beyond that line, our lives to greedy, to be fully enjoyed. We are still very far away from starting to suffer when simplifying our lives.

I am turning the computer off, to go for a walk in freshly fallen snow.

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