Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Joie de vivre

well whatever makes one tick.
I was out on the ice again. Yes, that brings me joy,  but what exactly? For me it is very playful, I just like to be out in the elements for no particular reason. I am the forever explorer, I like new routes, never been on before lakes, what's on the ice? how thick is it today?, the patterns and lately what's underneath.

But hey I was happy already this morning before I went out on the ice. The electricity bill came in and it was 40 dollars total, it is a monthly bill. I take pride in it, for it to be so low.

I read on the bill,that the meter was read oct 3 . Before I started the fridge thing? yes, I started that on the eleventh. So will that mean the bill can even be lower? that seems almost impossible.
Oh I read now it was 9 cent more then last month. Oops and August was even less.

But reading it now more careful  to get it clear for you. The actually energy we used was, $23.31, 192 KWH.

I know I am a penny pincer, I take joy in that when it come to this. believing and standing for more joy. I will never suffer just to spend less. For me it is always about a better quality of life.

So are this few cents important?

I know they are.  But i like to put words to it one day. trying here.

To have the fridge have to work less hard, is working well. The fridge is one of the few electrical things we use all day long. A freezer in the cold room in the garage and the phone is plugged in and we have an electrical water heater.

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