Friday, October 14, 2016

a few flakes

Today a few flakes fell down from the sky. And when I say a few I mean a few, I maybe seen three, and now when I go look outside on cold flat surfaces I can't find any.

More will come.

And I do like to write about  more quality of life. I do love winter.

But today's post is about... a bladder infection I had, or still might have. First I was not too worried, I had had a few bladder infections some 30 years ago, and after once gone to the doctor, and probably been prescribed antibiotics, I  learned how to instantly recognize them and by drinking lots of water and cranberry juice have them go away. I also learned how to avoid them.
Over the years I might have sometimes had those first symptoms, of wanting to pee frequently and a a burning feeling while peeing, but none ever developed in a full blown infection.

So 12 days ago now, indeed I was not to worried, I drank lots of water, ate cranberries and made my own herbal teas, avoided sweets, and no sugar. After 3 days the symptoms were still there. Now I was worried, I phoned 811 ( the nurse)  All she could tell me, that I sounded confused a better go to the doctor right away.

No I did not, I phoned another nurse, my sister-in-law in Holland, and she said, drink water as much as you can drink or more. I liked that much better. And googled some Dutch sites on the matter and they confirmed what she said.

But now I was worried about drinking too much. ( it is a real thing)

oh dear

My symptoms would come and go. sometimes  a whole day with out symptoms for them to only be back the next day.

After 10 days I finally went to the doctor. As I don't have a doctor I went to the walk-in clinic, which is apparently cheaper on tax payers money then going to the hospital at emergency.  I did have to wait for two hours, which was maybe worse for me then the symptoms so far. Although I had called the burning sensation an 8 out of 10 on the pain level. Which maybe was the wrong answer, but it was a sharp pain for that 2 seconds of the last drop,  only a few times an intense short lived 8.

Finally at the doctor's, it was a short visit, I am sure she studied at medical school, and learned how to recognize a bladder infection through an urine sample and, as she said, to prescribe Ran-ciproflox twice for 7 days.

No exception for people that might think there are other ways.

Oh she also said, "now you are getting older your body might not be able to fight an infection on it's own".

What do you think should I take the whole cure, as we were taught to do with antibiotics, or keep up the good work, drinking and all, and quit a few days early?

And least but not last, I am proud to say, this might be only the second time in life I take antibiotics. Or any prescribed drug. As a child I have a vague recollection of being on prescribed drugs, which I hated. And I might have been prescribed things.. for minor things... a few times... lucky lucky lucky.



MFH said...

Since by now you're cured or undergoing some other treatment, what I write doesn't really matter.

But if you are going to use science instead of home remedies, why would you not follow the instructions? Once you have proven, using the "science" you have available, that your "remedy" is ineffective why would you not follow the instructions of a science you know nothing about? If you think you know enough about the science to decide your own dosage, why not just take the first pill, which often is enough to relieve the symptoms, and see what happens? Then, once you've built up a resistance to the drug and STILL have the infection you can be satisfied knowing you proved that NOT following the instructions MAY have contributed to you still having the infection. When you go back to the doctor and tell them you didn't follow the instructions they'll probably say, "You got what you deserve." If you take the whole course and STILL have the infection then your condition might elicit some sympathy.

Hope you're all better,



Jozien Keijzer said...

Whatever babe:)
I asked for an opinion, and I am not quite sure if your answer is yes or no, but i do appriciate your opinion here.
I am cured indeed