Wednesday, November 30, 2016

creative thought

At this very moment there are four deer outside my window, A doe with three yearlings, two days ago , a buck appeared in the same place.

It makes me very happy.

I was reading Tony Parsons book, As it is.

Somewhere near the end of the book, he talks about creative thought and opposed to that abstract thought.
What  I like to try today is now watch the kind of thoughts appear in my mind. He explains before that how he thinks thought just appear, no free will nor choice.
Once we realize that we are not the thinker, but the watcher of our thoughts, Abstract thoughts will fall away and we will have creative thoughts.
Abstract thoughts he explains, are the kind that are like... a thought i watched in me: "why would people ever want to hunt deer, they are so beautiful." a creative thought... again one that appeared in my mind :  I am going to share about the deer on the Internet."  
Tony explains: "the dream of separation is maintained through abstract thought."
as abstract thought starts falling away Tony explains: "Natural thinking begins to take over, and what i call creative thought also emerges and is expressed in one way or another." He doesn't say it is the key to awakening (enlightenment), because his book is about that we are already enlightened,  AS IT IS.

I do get it :)

I am going back to the deer, watch them a little longer.

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