Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It's that time of year again, and it is looking good, clear smooth ice has formed this year.
It was a little early to be on, the ice sprung a few cracks as i skated, and i decided to turn around carefully sliding back.

The Joy to be on the ice, the joy of what can be seen on the bottom of the lake, and the Joy of musical sounds, clooks, pinggggs, whooos. ahhh any many more.

So back to the fridge at home, as Angela in mindful green living, suggest for next week; how to change.

Btw i was also inspired by the upcoming carbon tax, Finally! I 'ld say. It is about time we pay for what it costs.

Yet I do believe that changing our habits is essential.

Those changes FOR THE JOY, FOR MORE and not less.

And yes to continue my last post, my fridge is turning on less, the noise of it running disturbed us, as it is the only electrical sound in the house when the computer or/and the radio are turned off.
And yes we have been noticing the extra silence. The peacefulness during the day, with that beautiful sunshine flooding from October sunshine. ( no trees with leaves blocking it and at a right angle coming through the window)

For not going into the fridge so often, well that works well too.  less fuss, but as it turns out I do like to cook for two days, leftovers. I will try to cool them off on the porch, stepping outside in the evening is always a treat. with the clear days, the stars are amazing and last night I did spot a falling star. ( Northern lights where out last week for sure)

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