Monday, October 10, 2016

deep green

Inspired by Angela, you can check out her new blog;  Deep Green.

It seems we all try to live the best we can. 

And in celebrating that,
I will  work on changing certain habits that seem opposite to what i stand for.

What do I stand for?
At the moment, one thing is

Joy.  for me and All.
I feel  Joy when i look and see a sight that reflects peace and harmony and beauty.

lol this is funny trying to explain why should  I change anything, and yet i feel a need.

following Angela's top ten
I will today

focus on how i use the fridge. opening it less, minimize left overs, eat everything that is in there within the expiry date.

How do you use your fridge

Or better yet how do you have more Joy without a fridge?

I was thinking, maybe leave things on the steps before I put them in (as it is fridge temperature here in the Yukon now) but is that more work less simplistic? I will look at that and see if there is Joy in that.

haha simple crazy things, you think it will make a difference?

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