Friday, January 27, 2012


I didn't see the Northern Lights, earlier this week, did you?
I did see the moon and... a planet. Was it Venus.
Anyway they were gorgeous last night. I think i love the moon most when it's a thin crescent.

So what is Love anyway, i like to talk about that.
I love my son, i know that.
When he broke his helmet over Christmas, don't ask, you can imagine how. I love him, darkly, worrying, wondering..
When last weekend he gets bronze in an Alberta snowboardercross competition. I love him; dancing, proudly, happy. (do ask :)
I do love him no matter what.


Elisabeth said...

Our children we love much more simply, I think Jozien. It's our partners about whom we might feel more ambivalent.

This is a beautiful photo here. It somehow reminds me of the top-heavy nature of love. It's good to see you again.

jozien said...

thanks Elisabeth, good to see you too!
Yes, i thought i start with a Love that is real and deep yet simple indeed, and from there i will explore other love i feel

Meandering Michael said...

Right now, Jupiter, followed by Saturn, are the big bright ones in the sky early in the night. If your have a telescope or good pair of binoculars you might be able to see some of Jupiter's moons or Saturn's rings.

hdt said...

more on longing and what is love anyways?

Does longing require vulnerability and sensitivity- I think it does
Before sleeping I often point in her direction
Sending positive energy
And grieving over a friendship lost
Attempting astral projection to fly past lakes and rivers, mountains and forest
And somehow awaken in her warm embrace

What is love anyways and what really took place
Why was she so incredibly angry and so quick to demonize
Like a moth drawn to a candle
My wings have been badly damaged
And too much time is spent in the shadows

I am still longing and want my joy back

Zee said...

Not all is gloom and doom - and love, as naive as it sounds, has the power for change.

Zee said...

Great photograph. ....and isn't it so that the celestial sky will always be a wonder to the human perception, leaving your soul at awe.

jozien said...

htd i promise, i'll bring back joy

Anonymous said...

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