Friday, January 20, 2012

still 40 below

And i love it, i just love it :)
Maybe you think, how can you love something like that?
But if not extreme weather, i am sure you have your questionable kinks too.
Let me know!

But before i start rambling, i want to say i am sorry to a friend; I am sorry to use you as an example and worse, here, black on white.

And it wasn't only you, in the last two days i came across other people, who mentioned, that bad things are going to happen.

Actually i am flabbergasted, because all those people, i see as beautiful souls, in touch with themselves, kind, loving, whatever good you can imagine. And they are spiritual people.

Now i have also learned with my husband, a 20 year lesson which really i am still working on. That he often expresses the dark side.. While he is happily tinkering with cars, and after will say, who says i am not happy. he will never say he is happy. But one can see he is happy tinkering with cars. But! if you would listen what come out of his mouth, you would have thought hell froze over. ( i added a picture of our beautiful frozen Kusawa lake)

So when people say, it is going to be bad, i should take it with a grain of salt.

Even when there is a certain square in the sky (astrology) even when that causes tension. Couldn't that be brilliant? Couldn't that open up so much? With things changing in the world, couldn't it be that through it all and after the fact, we sit back. And say; My oh my isn't this fantastic, who could have ever imagined that, what unexpected joy. Or like my husband: "who said i didn't like it?"

I more and more believe these are beautiful times, were i realize i am always abundantly looked after. I am Gloriously 'I AM' now and forever.

And to go back to the weather, that doesn't mean that my fingers don't freeze till they hurt, snot isn't running from my nose freezing instantly and my glasses aren't fogged up. What do i know i don't see a thing.


Brian said...

Still 40 below

Gives a certain glow that only a wild lady can know.

Thoughts of life and love makes your white world enough.

The keeper of lakes,tree's and mountian's, share them all in her white fountian :)

Zee said...

There is an Eric Clapton song, I believe it starts like this: "Will you know my name, when I see you in heaven..."
Luft is truthfully air, Jozien.
So now we have three levels above our heads,
I do have to make a correction though. Expressions exist in the German tongue which address "the sky", but it is then circumscribed, they go like this:
Morgenhimmel - morning-sky
Abendhimmel - evening-sky etc...
In those examples the "heavens" are not being pointed at, but the actual physical sky.
I believe the French differentiate as well, between ciel and celeste, kind of different...