Friday, February 3, 2012

The wind

And the wind is blowing, one could call it storm, the sun is breaking through, the trees are bare of snow, water is dripping from the roof.
Don't you love the weather?
This morning it was raining, the rain it turned too snow, wet and thick and everywhere, one can imagine what the roads are like, i fear ones tires don't have grip when a gale comes through.
The sun is shining, and here i am inside the house, i should be dancing with the wind on the hilltop there.

And that's what love means to me. Wanting to be swept of my feet, but one can't live like that floating in the air, always will i be dropped somewhere, or smacked against a tree.

So hey, maybe nowadays one might wonder, if we can handle it if life somehow can't contain us anymore.

But every single day there're miracles, and not so small.

And i believe in that, that the wind keeps blowing, the rain won't stop, the sun's still shining, and.... "see you i a bit, on that right around the corner, exposed by wind, lovely little hill top.

(photo will follow)


christopher said...

The Hill On Which You Rely

I shall stroke this mound
along its hollows as I
would stroke you, as if
with a wild feather
found beside the windy path,
stroke the earth as if
your dreams of a god
of all you love and call to,
As if in prayer.

February 5, 2012 7:55 AM

hdt said...

I often take shelter from the wind
Wating for the raging storm to run its course
Trying to stay warm and dry

Enjoying nature's anger, rage and passion
And the peacefulness that follows

Storms and intense wind energize me
But if caught outdoors too long my strength is drained
My head feels so incredibly heavy that sleep overtakes me

Its similar to a stormy relationship with a bitch godess
Afterwards I need to lay down for a long dark sleep

Anonymous said...

both comments were very creative. writers?