Tuesday, January 3, 2012

frost flowers

Do not ever believe me...
For a few years now, i see in a lot of things the total opposite, which is nothing new. yin yang.
Even when i do not see the opposite, i know it is there, i might not be aware of it.
When i look out at the stars, who are as far removed from me as possibly can be, someone knows i am talking sex, (which honestly i did not do on purpose). Our bodies the closest thing to us.
Stars are good, sex is good and everything in between. Yet i struggle in ways unknown. I am healthy, warm and well fed, i feel tired, often i feel tired, yet i am known to have this boundless energy. I am energy.

Looking out into the world, looking in at my dreams (sleeptime), to me, for now, it is an answer to my troubles.
I dreamed last night i was naked,kind of lonely and at loss in a beautiful surrounding, a creek and big trees. And i saw, and the child playing in the creek, we saw a flying fish. Black with pure white fins. It jumped out of the creek and flew to the ocean in the distance.
Awake i thought it a beautiful thing; how the fish could fly, don't we all want to fly, but the fish was a fish, at ease in the water were it chooses to be.....

Anyway, i have no idea what i am trying to say.
Yesterday i chatted online with a soldier, at one point he said the word, 'war'. That little word it cut me so deep, i wanted to rip it out. We can talk about war, how sad, why, etc. etc. But it is there in all of us.

Ahhhh lets just have sex and forget it about it all. Preferably under the night sky looking at the stars.

I tell you it is cheap, it doesn't cost a thing. And really intrinsically no one not a thing is hurt by it.

Is it all clear now? Morning again, do you see the blue sky through flowers of frost, that grew overnight?

And tomorrow i will write about communication, because somehow that got lost in here.


christopher said...

I love you, sweetheart. I just can't agree completely with you that sex hurts nothing and no one. It would hurt no one if it were a simple life but the fingers of the past do touch the present and so do the fingers of the not yet. All the shortcomings of your partners. All that. It is accurately said, I think that a person has sex with all the past partners of the lover every time. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it is a thing and it sometimes calls for pause.

Anonymous said...

Can you do a post on longing?

A strong persistent yearning or desire, especially one that cannot be fulfilled.

Anonymous said...

Another on why nature is so important you?

Its very important to me as well and I want to relate our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Your frost flowers are so beautiful jozien!

Can you imagine how much work it would take to paint such an incredible image.

I think I would be better off taking a photo of a natural image like that rather than trying to paint something like that myself.

My girlfriend loves the frost flowers and says she sees things like that in her mind and imagination after we make love- when she is feeling an orgasm. I believe her and am a little jealous. I find her incredibly beautiful but afterwards I usually feel warm and very sleepy- but I see her as a beautiful and incredibly loving person- my feelings in those moments are in no way sexual.

I hope my comments are not inappropriate- some things inspire me to be more open and express my feelings more.

We cannot wait to see your next photos and love the way you put thought to pen.

We have also enjoyed the comments that your followers make, particularly hdt who says things that add so much to your already great posts. We often do not read your posts until late in the night and then stay up for many hours talking and making love.

Please keep it up, you inspire us.

Angela Wheelock said...

Hi Jozien,
Love your frost flowers. Yes, longing and yearning. I agree. Sometimes I feel like everyone has time to take something from me, but few have time to give back and they are mostly women! Why are some men so bad with giving, especially giving of themselves? This might not be on track with your post, but these are things on my mind.


Anonymous said...


The Anonymous post above are all from NH