Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Celebrating our bodies, (and our society)
I am always struck by the fact that we really can't be. When you think logically, we cannot exist. The infinity of the Universe and all. And to think we are 90% water, water of all things, water freezes, water evaporates, water leaks out etc, water is not very stable or solid. Yet miraculous we are all contained in our skins, and it all function pretty amazingly. And then the fact that we are mere energy, cells that are mainly nothing, just space. (Christopher, i am sure you can explain that one better)

So our society, at least the one i live in, also functions miraculously well when you think of it. I often realize, when it wasn't for rich people i couldn't live the way i live, most material items in my live, were discarded by others, even our house is built with a lot of salvaged material. And the roads are kept in good condition because, well i don't know how it all works, but the little taxes i pay, i know it isn't me paying for it. Health care, how often have i been at emergency for free, with Alexander. (At least he is giving back now, training to become a paramedic)

Still..... you know the spiel...
It seems to lead to our own destruction, but maybe not.

Maybe we should all leave it be, and when our health breaks down, or we loose our job.

Lets celebrate it!

To me, when you have a job, when you are part of society as it is, you ultimately support the very rich. You know the occupy Wall street movement (which i find ironic for reasons, because i with all Canadians am the 1% richest of the world) Anyway they say there is one percent here in Canada that is getting richer and richer.
Well pardon me, we are supporting them....... So be happy when you don't have a job, at least you are not supporting something you resent.
And hey again with health it is a little trickier, i cannot say i won't go to the doctor, when i break a leg.

And recently i did go to the doctor... i 'll tell you later
But as soon as i do, i support the pharmaceutical industry.

My ramblings ramble a lot, but i have been wanting to write about such things for a long time, please bear with me, and don't hesitate to disagree, or preferably add how you see it, hopefully more clearer than i do.


christopher said...

I will just say I love you sweetie. I do like your resenting the support you can't avoid giving the rich because it is they who make it so. On the other hand, it is very hard for them to not make it so, once they are rich enough. Some will set up give backs of their own devising. You have to give some of them that. There is philanthropy out there among the "filthy" rich.

Dienosaurus said...

wooow! amazing picture!