Friday, January 14, 2011

forty below

For blogging sake, i just went out in my bathrobe, to check the thermometer down by the outhouse, it is already reading -43C . I will post tomorrow's temperature at daybreak :) ha we might hit 50 if we're lucky.
The photo's underneath are at a tat warmer temperatures. Taken November 23 2010
The only similarity of those photos and today
Is that a photo doesn't always show the deep beauty of something
These photos were taken in the Animas mountains on one of my longer hikes in New Mexico, I hiked that day by myself. The photos seem kind of dull, but truly the desert is full of beautiful soft colors in the rocks and the plant life amazing, the ridges steep, the views endless.

Everything on the mountain 'planted' as in some amazingly designed park.
As i like to hike with a partner, to hike on my own the senses are open wider

and i love the freedom of choosing my path as i go.

Today in the extreme weather that freedom is restricted, downtown in the ice fog the world becomes small. Driving in ,the impossible to heat, car, i am aware of my vulnerability. Every bump in the road, shocks me, the tires frozen solid. The stirring mechanism stiff, better to go straight home.
Still...when heated by wood fire or warm to the bone from sweet sleep, the world crisp and still, somehow soft, where you breath careful as if somehow not wanting to speak, to break this delicate air where *conversation ghosts remain.....

*thanks john, for these words to end the post:)


aria said...

wow, -46 .. that's kind of REALLY cold. I believe the max I had when I was at your place was -26 and that was really ok. Take care and enjoy yourself at the fireplace!

Brian said...

Hey wild Lady pretty cold in your part of the world .Over here recently we had -20 and thats the coldest we have ever had . But -50 thats serious cold .Stay home keep warm , paint whats in your head looking out into the ice and snow:)

Cicero Sings said...

A tad nippy up your way. We haven't had it so cold (-17C) but LOTS of snow. From shoveling I am pooped, my one arm is weary and my back is sore.

just jane said...

I was surprised when I looked up the conversion of c to f, the difference was not as great as I imagined. -46c is -48f. Hmmm. Very cold, indeed. Tonight it was -7 f coming home from work, it felt nice. I prefer the cold to the snow, and somehow those are the choices this time of year. Stay warm, and keep wild.