Wednesday, January 26, 2011


soar the sky with me
there's freedom in confinement
a storm could break loose
the print of my wing
i only touch down for love
water from the spring

a little footnote from me:
i blog less, am into other things, but then somehow when i am into it (blogging),
my camera still acts up and now this new photo program doesn't
work very good. so have patient with me, i will be here again as i used to be
hey ! it was above zero C today!!!


just jane said...

Warm weather, indeed. 22f here,I'll take it! It is supposed to be -20f this weekend again! Woohoo! Enough about the weather....what I really want to know is what you are "into" that is taking you away from Blog land?

dogsled_stacie said...

Yeah, isn't this weather great! A nice break from that cold snap AND more daylight too!!!!! :)

Elisabeth said...

You do well enough Jozien, introducing us to your world. Thanks.

gfid said...

just catching up on you.... warm here in northern alberta too. i just took the dog for a walk.... many very big, very deep puddles to circumnavigate... should have brought my compass.... :0) but the forecast is for a return to normal temps soon, so i'll try not to get used to the lovely warmth. be well, o wild and gentle one.