Sunday, January 2, 2011

dream trail

climbing castles
Arizona Barrel
This was a very incredible hike in the Florida mnt., but i tell you about another walk close to Bosque Del Apache. Most incredible... ever.
That very morning we both woke at 3 am. still in Albuquerque. You know how sometimes in the middle of the night, you are just very much awake. Now normally... i would do something or not and relax again to fall back asleep.
Michael says: lets pack and go!
we did!
I love it.
So somewhere driving South on the highway before the Bosque we turn into a mountain road. Coming into the mountains, the dirt road is build on an arroyo (dry creek bed).The rock walls turn into a steep canyon with overhanging vertical walls. and one turn after the other it meanders on and on.
All sense of direction gone, we do come out on the other end, and actually people live there, one, a true lover of life, a rancher, with love for where he is, it's showing in everything.
We go back the same way, and i go for a walk. I climb into a crevice into the steep walls to get up on top. I follow the ridge, which at a place turns out to be so narrow, i have to jump across the rocks, the road on both sides wondering if this ridge can actually fall over anytime, where the water will create an oxbow. hmmm it's been a while...memories are coming back.. i saw a little animal living on that ledge.
Eventually i find my way down again, and where the road is very long (meandering) the distance actually very short. Below i check the wall if i can actually look through it, find a crack that shows the other side, but i can't. It's real it's not a lucky can one get.


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Florida mountain? Sounds intriguing. Does such a thing exists, and if so, where? Happy new year!

jozien said...

Hi Robert, yes! it's SE from Deming,New Mexico, Florida peak 7448 feet.
The photos with the moon, is the small range and the one i am climbing, the bigger range. Florida is awesome:)