Saturday, January 22, 2011


There are still clouds on my horizon
but the weather warmed up to...
i just ran out to see
minus 1 Celsius
can you believe it!
(this morning out and about, it's just so pleasant, wetter yes, but without hats, coats open, gloves not really necessary, the snow as cold the air feels warm)

the snows on fire!

ahhh with a new photo program, i am playing, while i was on the computer to fill out an application.
that's it with me so easily distracted when it's called fun
and really i don't want to tackle the hard stuff
so... for Don and I, none of us really want to invest time and energy to truly figure it out
so there we are, living together apart
its okay
it's good the way it is


Elisabeth said...

I know about distraction, Jozien, but it can lead to such unusual places and events as you demonstrate here with the trees on fire.

Relationships, on the other hand, as you suggest, need more consistency.

Maybe you two are just biding your time till you can both bear to tackle what needs to be tackled.

just jane said...

Good advise, Elisabeth.
I too, had a marriage crisis. My husband and I were apart, physically, emotionally, and were strengthened by it. I am happy to say that I learned that I am stronger than my marriage. In my case, it was worth repairing. Do what is in your heart, distract, until you thaw. It will come to you. You are strong. You are amazing. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No clouds, no rain, no rainbow.

jozien said...

Ha! thank you my dearest Tilly (she my sister:) Yes, today indeed many rainbows.

And Elisabeth an Jane too, thanks so much, what you say grounds me somehow.