Tuesday, June 8, 2010

positively birding

i want to write about positive thinking
some days, like yesterday
i have great fortune
i come upon a red-neck phalarope nest

for me, that is a real treasure
or to positively recognize the sound of the red-winged blackbird, before i see it.
these are for me as an aspiring birder great steps

but it is all very relative in many different ways
here i see this nest, i will have to ask you; who's nest is it? it is a black bird :)

And then there is the computer...
Yesterday it did not work, and i think i did everything right, including positive thinking.
But then Alexander comes home from work...
Then i know i what positive thinking is.
I told him about me not being able to get on-line again.
He being a teenager, of course he KNOWS it was all my fault. He will look at it. He KNOWS he will be able to get on. And then i glow with glee, because i love it how he is so confident, knowing he is smarter as his mother. And then i KNOW he will be able to solve the riddle of this computer
one more time again, even if i feel i did everything technical right just a few hours ago.
Your computer might always work right, but you might have other issues (so do i), nothing is for sure in this world, the only thing for sure is that things are impermanent. Now what did i learn today? Really, Nothing:)
Then there is HOPE.
I do hope to learn today, which black bird is nesting in the grass
In the meantime the weather and i are still SUNNY

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