Monday, June 28, 2010

how come i live in paradise?

(today July 5 2010 i found my lost post, it was in the drafts folder :)

today the white roses are blooming

i lay in the hot sun
and read
listen to heavenly music
the wind rustling through the trees
sweat forming on my skin
(by the way this sweat for me is a beautiful thing, when you live in the Yukon, when you don't work out and just don't sweat it easily.)
i do some meditating, send some Reiki
just to make my existence here somehow useful
earlier i went for a long walk
a slow walk around my little lake
slow, because ever step i take
heaven surrounding me
i send many birds up in a flutter
they're scared of me
little flowers everywhere
tall cotton grass
labrador tea blooming abundantly

who am i
to live in paradise
when i am
most in my element
like here today
when the white roses are blooming
when sweat forms in folds that only you should know
it's then
then i think of you...
you walking by my side
and i do not cry

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