Friday, June 18, 2010

listen to the thrush

well i wish
i had listened more
so i could tell you about it's song
but here i am, my head full of stories, so much to say, so much happening, not all good, not all bad.
quite happy and not sad:)
but i wonder do i listen? to what life is telling me.
one of my stories this week i deeply want to talk about
but i am not aloud
how can i tell you and still keep my vow
sometime this week, somewhere hidden in between all other stories of niceties and on the other hand more things breaking down this week,
i come upon a place
so magical
amazing really
i ask
can i make some pictures?
can i paint it maybe
write about it then
but i lead you along the path, because what you see here is nothing yet...
I had supper 8 pm writing this.
and now, can you help me , come, let's listen to the thrush (which one is it Mary ?:)

1 comment:

Jos said...

I love these glimpsees into your world Joz ... here and in your other blogs too. I believe you could lead me up the garden path pretty much from any place! I will see if I can discern ... what there is to see. xx Jos