Tuesday, June 1, 2010

oh this computer

it is working now , June 5 2010
who knows for how long western white, i think, Pontia occidentalis

in the mean time it is already not this green anymore
the leaf miners have made the foliage grey green
i ....
i'll be back
it's just by accident Alexander found out that the computer is working again, or did he fix it? again. These photos i somehow put on last week. i will now first go to my email, and maybe do a decent post later,
when.. the computer still works.


Brian said...

Hey Jozien
Computers suck sometimes.
Spring has certainly taken over in your part of the world it looks beautiful there .Take care keeper of the wild place :)Brian(:

jozien said...

Hey Brian,
i know they suck
'cause now i'm stuck
behind this screen